Our Carmichael Story

When something goes wrong with your desktop computer, laptop, or phone, a well-trained nerd can make your life a whole lot easier. At Nerds On Call computer repair Carmichael, California, we specialize in technology repair and upgrades. We’re fast, knowledgeable, are based here in California, and can come right to your front door.

Why choose us for your next repair? Here are a few good reasons:

We’re Near You

If you take your broken computer to a general, nationwide computer repair store, they’re likely to ship your precious computer out of California to a central repair facility — possibly on the other side of the world. That’s not good service. It slows down your repair, and it increases the risk your computer will be further damaged in transit. We’re based right here on Fair Oaks Blvd, California. We make sure our California customers receive swift and reliable repair services, and at a competitive local price.

We Offer Mobile Repair Services

Why go to the hassle of bundling your computer off to a store for repair when we can come to you? We have a fully equipped fleet of mobile repair workshops on wheels right here in Fair Oaks Blvd, California. If you’re based anywhere in the Carmichael, California area, we’ll come to your home or place of business with a wide range of mobile repair services. Best of all, we built our computer repair service to be mobile from the ground up, so we don’t charge extra for that convenience!

We Don’t Just Do Computer Repair

Sure, we can fix your desktop computer or laptop — anything from not enough data storage through to complicated repair and troubleshooting. But that’s only part of the picture. Our company can also:

Ever wanted the convenience of a thermostat you can control from your phone? Or security cameras you can view on your computer? Got a cracked screen in need of repair? How about the simple convenience of knowing your computer and printer will work properly? We can make all that good stuff happen.

Give Us A Call!

We’re proud to be serving Carmichael, California residents — from Madison Ave to River Bend Park. If you need a quality repair done quickly, why trust your tech to a nationwide general store? Call your friendly neighborhood nerd repair specialist instead at 800-919-6373!